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Winter/Holiday Must Haves

We’re already halfway through November! And who has really planned out what their doing for the holidays??

For some, those plans may still be up in the air; and, for others, the traditional holiday plans will stand. However you plan to spend the upcoming holidays, whether with your immediate family, a small group of friends, or via facetime, it’s always good to be prepared with a bomb-ass outfit.

So we’ve come up with a list of items absolutely necessary to have during the winter and a few that can definitely elevate your holiday look. But hey, also no shame in your comfy game! There’s always a way to make comfort stand out too. Check out our list of must-haves below and the many ways to wear them, for both the gents and the ladies.

  1. Scarf - A great scarf elevates any look. Not only does it elevate your look, it also will keep you quite warm and cozy on those breezy, brisk days. Here are a couple style scarves to check out: Pashmina, Tartan, Infinity, and many more.

  2. Boots - As anyone in areas with freezing weather and snow know, a good pair of boots are a must have! However, they are also just a great item to change your outfit from summer to Fall and Winter. Boot styles we love: any Timberland style (great for keeping your feet warm), the Chelsea, Clarkdale from Clarks, and the list goes on.

  3. Jeans/Slacks - Jeans are clearly a staple item, but what about your slacks? We aren’t talking about the normal, trouser type pants. We’re talking about styles like: a chino, a skinny pant, or a dress pant that can be dressed down. Look for something with more versatility and less of a twill, but more satin-like with a sheen to the surface.

  4. Peacoat - A great coat will take you far. That’s all outerwear really, but a good peacoat can be dressed up or even worn in your most relaxed clothing. Is it suggested, probably not. But who cares?! You’re the one wearing it.

  5. Sweater - Who doesn’t love sweaters? The best thing about them is that they’re comfy and can be worn at any time, especially for those comfy days at home. Cable knits, crew neck, raglan, oversized, cashmere…..the list goes on and on. They will keep you warm and beyond. Style with any bottom for the mood and look you’re going for.

  6. Turtleneck - Not many people wear turtleneck shirts anymore, but they’re still a great piece to have if you’re not into wearing scarves. The positive thing about a turtleneck is that you can easily throw on a blazer to achieve that casual dress look.

  7. Boot Socks/Stockings - Not many people think about base layers as must-haves, but they definitely are. Plus for the ladies, boot socks, as well as stockings, are a great accessory for any dress/skirt outfits you plan to wear. For everyone, boot socks will keep your toes warm in the boots you hoped would be warm enough.

  8. Your favorite accessory - For any great outfit, accessories, no matter how subtle, add a special touch. So add your favorite watch, bracelet set, earrings, necklace, hat, etc. to transform your outfit.

We literally could name all of the items great for the holidays and the winter, but then that would mean this list would be much longer. But for any plans you might have, any of these items will be a great start to any holiday look you want to create. Whether your mood is more for comfort than style, or style over comfort, you’ll be set for your holiday plans with these must have grabs.

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