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What Is Reality Anymore??

Are you having a hard time working through COVID? Trust us when we say, we understand your pain.

It’s hard working from home and sometimes separating the two when you’re constantly seeing the same four walls. However, there are plenty of ways to boost your mood and your productivity. We thought it would be a great time to talk about it since we are all over quarantine and isolation. Who’s ready to get out of the house?!

In taking all the precautions we should, it’s important when working from home to still have a routine. Surprisingly, keeping a routine as if you were going to the office, will help your energy levels up throughout the day. So make your morning count! Whether you start with breakfast or a workout to get your blood flowing, a morning routine will make all the difference.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Start with purpose - A great way to bring in good vibes first thing in the morning is to stretch and meditate. But don’t let yourself doze back off! Through different breathing techniques you can release whatever is stressing you out before you get started with your day. Continue to bring positive energy in throughout the day as well using the same breathing techniques.

  2. Get moving - Exercising the sleep off is another great way to raise your energy. It may be tough to get up and workout sometimes, but the simplest activity, such as walking for 15 to 20 minutes will improve your overall mood for the day.

  3. Get dressed - You might be surprised as to how just putting on a purposeful and nice outfit can boost your productivity. Getting out of your “comfy” clothes allows you to change your frame of mind. This may also help you from the extreme longing to just work from bed.

  4. Change up your work station - It can be extremely boring and anti-productive to work in the same space sometimes. So a good idea from time to time would be to change up your work station (if you can that is). If you’re working on a laptop or other portable device, think about working from your kitchen table some days, the couch, or outside. Just a simple change in scenery can make all the difference. As long as you find that you’re not distracted and will be more productive in the end, it’s definitely worth changing up a few things from your normal day-to-day.

A man sitting on a black leather couch working on a laptop with his feet propped on a glass coffee table.
*Courtesy of Google

Hopefully these tips will help boost both your mood and productivity. It’s important to have a plan and a routine, even if you deviate from it a bit. At the very least, you will have a base plan for your day and your week. Later, you’ll also be able to assess the week to see if your achieved everything that you needed to.

We’re wishing you the best on this one! With all the highest frequency vibes and productivity ahead, we are more than positive that you will crush it!

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