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Wear Your Feels

May is bursting with so many wonderful things! That's why we chose this month to talk about a few things. First up:

Mental Health Awareness & Style: How They Relate to You

Part of our mission is to promote self-expression and evoke bold confidence. You are at the center of your style and we're here as a vehicle to aid you on your journey.

So what is style anyway, or at least when we mention it? Style is who you are at its very core. It can only be defined by you, your personality, and the message(s) you want to send, aka your voice. Everyone's style is different, even if sometimes it may look the same or strange to others. How it looks to others, though, is not the point. It's how you feel in what you're wearing.

We are in our clothes nearly 24/7. Unless you live in a nudists' community or sleep that way, fabric sits on our bodies constantly. It rubs, hugs, tugs, and scratches us in different ways; and, depending on our skin's sensitivities, we may be allergic to some of the fibers within the fabric. From activewear to formalwear and everything in between, including our bedding and towels, our interaction with fabric is constant. That's a portion of where we define what we wear and when to wear it, but it doesn't define the how. only defined by you. 

How? How you feel, how you view yourself, how you want to be seen, how you view the world, how you were influenced, how you speak, how you want to be heard, how you want to influence others, and so on. It's about the how that then evokes the who.

We all experience a range of emotions, and we should all feel them, accept, and move forward appropriately as best as we can. So when you hear someone say they're dressing how they feel, it's real. Don't deny them, or yourself, of those emotions. Fashion, colors, and what we wear can impact us all in different ways and there is science behind it. Psychology, specifically. Here are a few articles to consider checking out for more.

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