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Top 8 Gifts for Him

It' that time of year again! That time of year when we're all scrambling to find gifts for our loved ones without much of an idea as to what to get them is upon us. Luckily, this year, we've put together our list of top 8 gifts for the holidays for the guys in your life.

Whether you're shopping early or it's last minute, we've got you covered. Our list of gift ideas isn't just about the objects, but also a few experiences you can share with the menfolk. So let's dig in!

Top 8 Gift Ideas

  1. Beard/Moustache Care Set - For the guys sporting facial hair, an easy gift to grab is a grooming kit. You can find a lot of options out there that include beard oils, combs, and more. Also, there are a ton of options out on the market. So be mindful and try to support smaller, independent owned companies this holiday season.

  2. Books - One, or rather two, of our suggestions would be, A Man &His Car/Watch by Matt Hranek. A two book series that gathers the stories and histories of classic cars, watches, and the men that own(ed) them. Both dive into the relationship between a man and the items he's driven to love. Plus, the imagery in both of these are spectacular. You can find this series, sold separately at a bookstore near you or on Amazon. Of course you can always check out some lists out there, like this one from Reader's Digest, for instance.

  3. Tickets - This is a broad category that can cover both an item and an experience on your list. From sports game ticket to going to the movies, to going on a trip, there is a wide range of options. So depending on what your loved one likes to do, you can tailor it to be an experience he won't forget, whether it's together or just for him.

  4. Accessories - The king of completing an outfit...accessories! For the ones that love to dress up or make any kind of statement when getting dressed, these are a great gift and quick snag item. Plus, they're usually budget friendly, depending on what you're looking at purchasing. Our top choices for accessories include: cufflinks, ties/bow ties, lapel pins, and socks. Of course there are so many more options out there, such as hats, watches, and more, but these are the few we've pinpointed in a price driven economy. (If you have any concerns about cufflinks, be sure to stay tuned for our how-to video on other ways to wear them than just in a shirt cuff that allows you to do so.) As far as lapel pins and socks go, you can grab some very funky and individualized pieces just for your loved one. A sock brand we absolutely love and highly recommend is 812 Luxury

  5. Weekend Pass/Guys' Day - Looking for another experience? Take him to the man cave, men's spa, hang out a bit, or get the guys together. There's nothing like quality solo time or time with your friends. It's not every day, any of us get a pass to do what we want. A cute way to go about it is to create a coupon book or "choose one" game with the options you want to offer. Then there's always the good ole, straight up, pass without time restrictions. Sometimes, time to decompress is all that's needed.

  6. Game Night- For the gamers at heart, grab their game of choice. Whether that ranges from video games to board games to RPG's (role playing games), this will be a great treat for them to get in their zone. Offer to get a group of friends together for larger player games. A game night can be a great way to change up the routine and also spend time with one another. We suggest taking it back with a good game of Jenga; and for bigger party game nights, grab the Box of Things.

  7. Clothes - The classic go-to since childhood, except this time you can seriously level it up to their taste. The best part about being an adult and having clothes gifted to you is that it could be that one piece you've been wanting but didn't get it for whatever the reason. So let's level it up for these guys. Take note of anything that catches their eye and they've been lingering on; and, especially shop within their style taste and not what you'd like to see them in. Holiday gifts aren't necessarily the time for chances and testing out someone's style profile. If you know what they like, follow it. However, for this time of year we suggest a great cardigan or sweater that can become their next favorite piece to wear for anything and everything.

  8. Tools - Another easy gift idea that's a classic for the handyman are tools. The best plan is to figure out what they actually need or don't have before going to buy another toolbox kit to add to the many others they might have on hand. Try tailoring the tool to who they are, their hobby, and what they like to tinker with. This way, the tool you get won't get lost or thrown on top of a stack in the garage (or wherever they keep their tools). Even if you get big toolbox to organize their tools in would be a great gift, plus it would clear up the clutter a bit.

With just a few ideas, you can jump into your holiday shopping with ease. From gifting experiences to items, the number of ideas are unlimited. So don't box yourself in. And we wish you a happy holiday season and the best of luck finding those  gifts!

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