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New Year, New Adventures

It's a new year, with new adventures and possibilities!

We're so excited to welcome in the new year with you! A new year leads to fresh starts. Although it may seem like everything is blurred together, a new year gives us a chance to start anew and take new chances for another 365 days. Make that 366, since 2024 is a leap year.

So let's dive into what we're looking forward to at Am.A-line Collections!

This year, we have a lot of things coming to the table. From webinars and in-person classes to our first subscriptions. We're taking this year to a new level. Here's a little more on what we're offering:

  1. Am.A-line Collections: Starting Your Fashion Brand - This will be our first 12-week course program.  Our designer will be sharing her experiences and industry knowledge on how to start a fashion brand. Every 4th Saturday of the month at 11 AM EST/EDT, our program will cover topics ranging from business essentials through launching the brand. You can join us monthly for our program to start your fashion brand by purchasing tickets on Eventbrite.

  2. Our New Studio - We're moving into our first official studio and showroom space! We're so excited about it too. We'll be sharing the space with two other amazing designers. We'll be located in the new LinnCinnati building located on Linn St. The space will allow us to have appointment based shopping, private sessions, and small meetings with our clients and partners. We'll be having a grand opening and open house coming soon.

  3. Programs - We have an amazing lineup of programs we'll be offering in-person, including fashion illustration, draping and patternmaking, and more. We'll be sharing more about our programs next month and through our newsletter. So be sure to subscribe to be part of our Tribe for the latest updates.

  4. Subscriptions - This is our biggest news yet! We're launching two new subscription offerings. To move closer to our goal of becoming circular and truly more sustainable, we're going to offer a rental subscription. This will allow customers to rent one of our styles for a period of time at a discounted rate. It'll also have the option to buy if our customers fall in love with the style(s) rented. Next, we have our monthly accessories subscription kit, Styled Fresh. This kit will include accessories ranging from cufflinks, lapel pins, and more, as well as a gift. Our biggest subscription offer is our new, quarterly Dress Me Up subscription. In this subscription, our subscribers will receive a discounted rate for shopping at anytime, free shipping, and a seasonal outfit.

We're excited for this coming year and can't wait to share more with you soon. So be sure to sign up for our newsletters to keep up to date when we announce the release of all of these amazing adventures. Wishing you all an amazing, prosperous, and healthy year ahead!

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