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They definitely speak for themselves, but truly can make an outfit stand out. It just takes the smallest accents to add a touch of flare.

For example, pairing our desert grey colorway of Cultivate with a pair of suspenders. (Yes, these suspenders are black and silver.) The silver blends nicely with the lighter grey and adds that subtle flair. If you want to elevate your look for a special occasion, or just because, a pair of fancy suspenders can do just that (even if no one sees them initially).

Now if this were a long sleeve shirt with a French cuff (or the option for cufflinks), as opposed to short sleeve, you could always dress it up with a pair of cufflinks.

But who says you have to base your accessory choices from your outfit?! The unorthodox methods of dressing can lead us to our best styles. Maybe you want to base your attire off of your accessories. That will keep getting dressed in the morning interesting.

Say you decided on one of these two pairs of cufflinks for the day to pair with your (now) favorite suspenders. You could go a multitude of ways with this pairing.

Here are a few ideas we have:

  1. The Sleek Suspect - Pair with a solid black button up. Make sure the cuffs will take a pair of cufflinks. Select a understated black or charcoal grey slim pant. To keep it casual, get a pair of black leather Vans, or a shoe of the like; or, to dress it up with an edge, a mid-ankle boot. If you have to go out, throw a textured blazer over it so you can still see the suspenders when you open up or take it off. If you want to hide them for the most part and it’s warm outside, try a shark silver colored vest.

  2. The Dapper Punk - Choose either a cobalt blue or electric green shirt, short or long sleeve. Pair with a black tie or bow tie. If you go with a long sleeve, roll the sleeves up over your forearm. Next, find a pair of blue or light grey distressed jeans. To top it off, choose a pair of Chucks, solid black skater shoes, or sleek ankle combat boots with it to give it that Punk look. If you’re into pocket watches, you could always throw a vest on and add that to the look.

  3. The Country Soul Child - This look is all about the accessories and comfort of your look. Pair a subtle colored flannel of cool tones with boot cut jeans, preferably black. Make sure you leave the top unbuttoned (3 buttons down) for that loose feel. Add your choice of cowboy boots or rugged work boots to the mix. In addition to the suspenders, to pull this look off, add one or two necklaces of your choice that have a deep meaning to you; then, a para chord or leather bracelet. If you’re feeling up to it, you could also pair a trucker hat or wide brim to top it off.

Let us know what you think and if you can envision wearing any of these styles.

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