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We’re changing things up a bit. As a community brand, we love to make connections and share their stories with you. That’s why we’ve been collaborating with an influencer out of Denver, CO for some time. So here’s a little background as to how we connected with him.

A man wearing a white shirt posed and framed by a clothing rack.

I was scrolling through Instagram, searching for influencers to connect with. There were a few I thought would be great to connect with and followed them. I came across David’s page and started reading his posts, as well as checking out all of his content. After reading a few of his posts, I knew he would be awesome to work with. You may be wondering how out of all the influencers on IG. Well, to put it simply, David’s views on life and style aligned so well and parallel to my own. Best of all (arguable to say best) our journeys have been similar in more ways than one. It’s not every day that you meet someone who has been motivated by their creative block.

Once we made the connection and agreed that we were both looking for long term partnerships, we discussed how we could be of help to one another. We have been expanding our partnership in a number of ways; and collaborating on blogs and YouTube conversations has been a big part of that. So without further delay, let us introduce David K. of Threadability to you!

** To find out more about David, follow the link here to follow him on social media platforms and check out his site.

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