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Hottest Days of Summer

As summer comes to an end, we have the hottest days ahead right before things start to cool off. School is back in session, or on its way, and offices are open. The crickets and frogs will start singing their songs to fill the crisp morning air. We are all hoping for a better fall and winter season than the one we had last year.

So what does it all mean? For us, it means to take advantage of the final days before we settle into the cooler days ahead. If that means taking your last vacation this weekend or just enjoying some time with friends, we say do it, but do it in style. It's time to ditch the sweats and ultra leisure wear for something a little bolder. We've decided to highlight our favorite styles that can transition into fall with ease and added a few tips to the mix. Check it out:

Here's what we suggest to celebrate the end of summer: 

1. Cultivate: Our short sleeve button-up offers so much versatility. From its crisp, clean lines to its contrasting features, it can be styled to fit your vibes without hassle. We've listed a few ways to style it below. Oh, and don't forget the accessories!

- Relaxed: Nice and simple. Style with you favorite pair of jeans for a relaxed look. Whether you keep your shirt open, or buttoned all the way up (or partially), you can't go wrong. Crisp through and through, you'll be ready for anything. Great for a casual day or night out with

friends or with that special someone.

- Dressed: Dressing up our shirt can be done in a lot of ways. Wear it to work, dinner, or just for a dapper look. Pair with some slim fit slacks/pants, dark denim, or slim high-waist trousers. If you like to play with layers like we do, add a vest to the mix for an elevated look. But remember, keep the layers light with the hottest days ahead.

2. Tune: A shirt made for easy-going and a little extra room to breathe. Take in the breeze on your back and keep it moving. This style was made for scorching hot days. 

- Vacation Mode: Relax with a pair of shorts or linen pants. This style is all about keeping it cool and fresh. You might even forget you're wearing the shirt because of how lightweight it is. Throw on your favorite sandals or flip flops for good measure and take in the fresh air, wherever that vacation might be.

- Casual: Whether in vacation mode or hanging out at home, this is a great casual shirt. Transitional from day to night, easily dress it up or down using accessories or a good pair of pants. Shorts in the last days of summer are definitely a winner. Get a casual pair in a neutral color to go with Tune. Keep it cool all the way through and through.

3. Enrich/Unfurl: Both of our 3/4 sleeve styles, while unorthodox and different in design, have the same thought behind them. No more rolling up your sleeves. From a regular cuff to a French cuff, both styles are highly versatile when it comes down to dressing them up or down. They also seamlessly transition into the next season. You'll never miss a beat with

them and will be sure to make an impression.

- Rockstar: Loosen up those buttons and throw on a graphic tee underneath with your favorite ripped jeans, preferably skinny. Add in a pair of combat style or work boots for an extra rugged and edgy look. A pair of Dr. Martin's are also a great option if you pair with our pant, Storm. Throw in a few bracelets or a necklace for extra measure.

- Refined: A vest is our favorite item to pair with both of these 3/4 styles. It elevates any look to another level. Add a drivers cap for a sleek, 1930's look. Add a watch to top it all off. To make if more modern, ditch the hat and add a pair of Chelsea boots or one of Taft's iconic shoe styles. They are always a winner for bold taste.

4. Storm: Last but not least, our absolute favorite piece is our pant. Pants are versatile by nature, but these have a little extra to them. No need to worry about where to put things when you run out of space, because you now have six pockets to carry what you need (especially if you're not carrying a bag of some kind).

- Adventurous: Don't let these pants fool you. They're capable of taking a hit and have quite a bit of stretch in them if you're looking to get a little wild. Pair them with your favorite flannel for fall or simple graphic t-shirt for a day of exploration; or, just to wear out for coffee. Also, easily paired with a sneaker or boot with your go-to baseball cap.

- Dapper: Create a sleeker look by dressing it up with any of our shirts, or one of your favorite button ups. For an extra dapper look, add a lightweight vest and some accessories, such as a watch, bracelets, and/or necklace. If you want to create a more dapper/country/punk look, add a chain and wear a tee under the vest with some boots.

- Carefree: Wear them like you'd wear any of your other pants or jeans. This style is extremely versatile and comfortable. Great for traveling, hanging out, or exploring.

Whatever suits your mood. You can't go wrong when you express yourself through your style. So wear it confidently.

No matter what your style is, our pieces are sure to fit into it. Obviously, we will tell you they pair great with anything, but it's the honest truth. Either way, the last few days of summer are approaching fast. How will you decided to dress to celebrate them and greet the fall.

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