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Fashion for All

Updated: Apr 8

This month has been an interesting one so far and we want to set the record straight. Fashion is for all.

Our chronicles are not set forth with any political agenda. They are shared experiences and an appreciation of humankind and what makes us all unique. Never will we ever put you in the extreme circumstance to feel uncomfortable or ostracized intentionally. However, if you  do, we sincerely apologize in advance and retroactively. But we won't apologize for acknowledging diverse groups of people and being on the side of human rights, especially because fashion a part of how we present ourselves daily.

So, outside or our PSA, we wanted to dive deeper into this chronicle for many reasons. One reason being that it's Pride month. Regardless of your sexual preference, orientation, or beliefs, we want you to be proud of who you are as an individual in society. The question posed to our subscribers was who are you because we'd love to get to know you a little more instead of just being another email in your inbox without a voice or any interaction.

We want to share our love for fashion this month, especially since we are participating in the 2nd annual production of Fashion at the Fountain Juneteenth weekend. This event is a celebration of Black fashion designers and creatives in the Cincinnati region and beyond. 

Fashion is a method of expression. Of course it's an industry that we all buy into, but it's also so much more than that. From the colors you find yourself attracted to, to the silhouettes you love because they accentuate certain features in the right way, fashion is all around us. Our preferences beget our taste, our taste begets our voice, and our voice begets our style. Or however you'd like to see it. Either way, all of these things are associated with fashion and how we express ourselves.

In addition to the fashion influences we receive daily, our environment also shapes our style. Last month, we talked about how fashion is related to our mental health, particularly in influencing our mood. The same goes for our environment and other cultural influences. Our designer was raised on the East Coast, which is known for it's more structured, business attire due to a predominance in government affairs of the region. That environment influenced her personal style, but also a portion of her design style. You never know how various factors may influence your voice, style, or lifestyle.

How would you say your environment has developed your personal style?

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