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Cultivate and Enrich Your Closet


So a while back we started interviewing men of Cincinnati. Our reasons starting this initiative range from introducing you to men of our community to sharing what style means to them. Through this exploration, we’ve seen how each of them develop their style. Whether it’s simple and clean to adding a few more layers. So let’s explore their styling and pick up ways to wear our shirts along the way.


Our first stop is with out shirt called Cultivate. This style is versatile in a number of ways. So we decided to list them below.

A man lounging in a grand, burgandy oversized chair.
  1. Wear it plain - What do we mean by that? We mean, wear it like it is. Don’t roll up the hem of your sleeve and go ahead and button it up. How far you button it up is up to you.

  2. Wear it open - Sometimes it’s good to change up how you wear a button down/up shirt. This give you a number of different ways to dress it up or down. By wearing it open, it can function as a summer over-shirt of sorts. It also allows you to show off one of your favorite tees.

  3. Make it flashy - What? Roll up the sleeve hem. There’s an awesome color accented trim along the underside of the sleeve. This will give our shirt a completely different look. If you don’t believe us, check it out on our shop page here.

So whether you choose any of the three color options available for Cultivate, you’ll have a few different dapper ways to style them. Now if you want to go a little further in detail on styling options for this particular style, check out an earlier chronicle post here.

Now we’re sure you’re also wondering, it may be a great style but how comfortable is it

A man standing on a low pillar holding a cello and smiling towards the sky.

really for summer. Here’s the answer to your question. Both of the styles we’re sharing with you here are made of 100% cotton. Cotton is one of the most versatile fibers used in clothing (clearly, because almost everything is made with cotton). Our shirts use a lightweight cotton fabric so that they’re comfortable and allow your skin to breathe. So you can choose from our Poplin fabric style or our Mini Oxford fabric style. Both have an incredible feel, however, slightly different in the way they move.

Aside from being comfortable in the summer, our shirts can transition over to early fall, especially our Enrich style. This is by far one of our favorite styles for a number of reasons, the main reason being that it is a 3/4 sleeve shirt. Want to learn more about it? Check out this chronicle post.

There are a number of benefits to have a 3/4 sleeve shirt, but the number one reason we thought about while designing it was to ditch the complicated sleeve rolling. It’s effortless and it looks good. So here are a few ways you can style Enrich.

A woman stepping through a forest-like scene.
  1. Wear it with flare - We had to switch it up! Deck Enrich out with a pair of suspenders or a vest. Leave it open. Be creative with this style and bring in elements of you. You can check out a post from Threadability on Instagram to see what we mean.

  2. Wear it plain - Straight button it up and go. It’s not a “classic” piece per se, but it has the same elements. So if you need to, just fold the cuff up one time and flaunt.

  3. Layer it - We know it’s summer and the last thing you want to do is wear layers. But you can still layer in the summer if you do it right. So in the mind of wearing it open, throw a tank underneath. However, soon we’ll be getting into the late summer where the evenings cool off moving into autumn. That’s when you could layer it with a tee and a jacket if you want to get a little “crazy” with it.

These are just a few general ways you can style Enrich. But we’re leaving out a factor that most people don’t think of….Unisex styling and androgynous style!

So for the ladies out there who like men’s clothing, tailored clothing, niche clothing, etc., here are a few tips for you as well for adding Enrich or Cultivate to your closet.

  1. More femme - If you just want to add a slight masculine touch to your wardrobe, wear either of our styles with a dress or skirt. If you’re like our designer, who prefers pants, pick a pair of slims. Dress it up with a wedge sandal or heel. You could also wear a jumpsuit to give it a badass feel.

  2. More tailored - Button it up and throw on a vest or summer, linen blazer. It might have an old school speakeasy feel to it, but it will be different. Pair it with your favorite slacks and shoes.

  3. More rugged - Wear either of our styles with the hem folded once with your favorite pair of distressed jeans.

There are a number of ways to style these two shirts. Let your imagination run wild with all of the possibilities. Don’t be afraid to style outside of your normal realm and explore. By exploring different looks and pairings, you may end up finding one that speaks more to your evolving tastes in style.

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