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Brrr...The Cold Is Settling In!

Winter can be tough! Especially when you live somewhere that really gets the brunt of it with high winds, precipitation, and temps below 20 degrees. And with the holidays quickly approaching, you have to be on your game to be the best dressed. So we’ve decided to put together a few warm and fashionable looks.

Holiday Dinner

One of the most important aspects of the holiday season, is dinner. Some may even call it a feast, especially if you end up with a food baby afterwards. Most gatherings involve some kind of meal, whether it’s big or small. And to be sure you don’t under or overdress, we’ve added a few looks to give you an idea as to what will keep you comfortable and stylish for that huge meal.

  1. The blazer and casual shirt - For an outfit that fits into both worlds, but keeps you warm and hides your food baby, this is perfect for dinner. Whether you like to be flashy or sophisticated, you can make this look work for you. We suggest for a simple look, a clean, neutral colored blazer with your option of a turtleneck sweater, v-neck sweater, or even a button-up shirt. On the other hand, if you’re feeling more formal and flashy, an embroidered or sequin accented blazer will pair great with a button-up shirt and bow tie. Any black pant would easily work with either blazer combination.

  2. Sweater and shirt combo - A classic outfit. A sweater of your choice with a collared shirt underneath. But let’s give it a twist! Instead of putting your collared button-up shirt under your sweater, put it on the outside. We’re going to get even more wild here. Opt in a turtleneck sweater with a short sleeve button up and leave it open. You may be surprised with the results you get, but it will definitely add some spice and variety into your style. Of course a nice slack pairs well with this look, or even some festive pants with a little more flare. The ladies can also rock this with a high waisted skirt.

Gift Exchange

Who doesn’t love a good gift exchange? Whether you play various games, get gifts over a period of a few days, or just share the gift of time, there is so much fun to be had. So we’ve come up with a few more comfortable outfit ideas to allow you some flexibility.

  1. Jeans  and a thermal - Simply stated….jeans. Sure, that could mean anything under the sun at this point, but a good pair of jeans that allow for the most amount of movement may be perfect. To make them fit with a casual dressed up look, wear a darker pair so as not to draw too much attention to the fact that you wore jeans. They’re a common denominator and so widely accepted, that you’ll be fine. Adding a thermal shirt to it offers a comfy look, but can really go a long way. If you feel the need to dress it up a bit, layer it with an over shirt or flannel.

  2. Chinos and a pullover - Chinos are very similar to khakis. It’s not just about the fabric, but also about the style of the pant. Luckily they don’t leave the leg out too wide if you’re not into loose or bootcut fit pants. A neutral tan color can go a long way with a pullover, 3/4 zip sweater, or even a hoodie if you’re going to lounge. There are plenty of ways to dress this look up or down.

A Toast…

The holiday we all think of synonymously for a toast is usually New Year’s. There’s a lot to toast for. However, every now and then there may be a toast during dinner or any other holiday occasion. So lastly, we have some ideas to share when you’re expecting a great toast.

  1. Keep it formal - Here is where you can go all out! Bring in the embroidery, the sequins, the tux, the gowns. (Okay, maybe not that formal.) But you get the idea. If you have a fancy blazer or suit, sport it. If you have a pair of pants, skirt , or dress you haven’t worn, flaunt it. Play around with the fancy pieces of clothing in your closet you haven’t picked up and express yourself. There’s no holding back going into a new year.

  2. Keep it casual - Bring your every day style to the table. Be relaxed and be you. Wear what makes you comfortable. The biggest statement you can have and make is knowing who you are and sharing it with the ones you love.

In all of these style suggestions, our ultimate goal is to instill in you the ability to just be yourself. Even if you attempt one of these looks to step out of your “style comfort zone”, it doesn’t mean you are any less you or wearing less of who you are.

So here’s to the end of 2020 and onto a new year filled with possibilities!

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