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Awaken Your Senses

Originally Published April 7, 2022

April is full of wonder! With spring coming into full effect and blossoms opening everywhere, it's a month for fully awakening from winter's slumber.

When you think of spring, you may think of the various blooming flowers, warm weather, and even pastel colors. We're right there with you, especially when it comes to a season literally in bloom. Sure, by the calendar year, we've been in the spring equinox for two weeks; and, depending on where you're located, the weather may not reflect that or is completely undecided in which way it wants to go. Nevertheless, we're here to expand your thoughts on what we really mean by a season in bloom and full of awakening. 

So let's dive in...

April has few major things going on this month, but the biggest day of them all is Earth Day. So in honor of Earth Day, we're sharing our inspiration, a little perspective, and things we're looking forward to this season.

Firstly, this month is full of holy days for a number of religions and faiths. From Ramadan (which began on the 2nd) to Passover, and ending with Easter/Resurrection Sunday, April would seem to hold one of the most spiritually packed months of the year. Aside from major holidays of faith, we can't forget about all of the astrological happenings that take place as well.

All of these days are meant to bring us into focus, spiritual awareness, and a sense of gratefulness. When we center and quiet the noise around and within ourselves, we then awaken and become aware of what we have been blind to for so long. In the midst of a sunrise or while observing nature, we can become aligned and part of the collective, as opposed to apart from it. Our eyes and hearts, no longer just physical, are open to possibilities, truth, and fearlessness.

In association with our spiritual awakening, the earth's awakening of foliage can be seen as a representation or physical embodiment of the awakening we have within ourselves. So moving onto the prime elements of what makes spring for!

Flowers have a number of properties, meanings, and more. Each species has its own essence (and we don't just mean its scent). Of course when you think of love, the first flower that may come to mind is possibly a rose. Yet that rose may also represent resilience and protection. As an herb, rose petals can be used in teas, perfumes, makeup and medicinally as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. So the question then becomes, for whatever flower you think of or love during this time of year, what is its essence and is it a reflection of you.

Essence is at our core. It is the fiber that is spun and woven into the fabric that makes us who we are. The health of our essence is just as important, if not more, as our physical health. Spring represents a rebirth, a renewal if you will. It's time to shake off the winter dust and awaken!

That's what gave us the inspiration for our next spring collection...awakening. Between the birth of a start and the blossoming of a flower, both represent a new start, an expansion, and growth. Recognizing our essence and sharing our gift(s) with the world without fear or hesitation became the message and mission of the next collection. Tying in some of those light and pastel colors with the vibrant hues of a birthing star, we designed this collection to exude light itself to enhance the essence of who's wearing any of the styles. In true Am.A-line fashion, all styles will be lightweight and highly versatile.

Therefore, this spring, get outside! Life is meant to be lived in the open and not cooped up within our homes and ourselves. Take moments to watch the sunrise or the sunset, to breathe and exhale as the wind moves you, to observe and take in the way the blossoms open and turn to the sun. Feel your spiritual awakening, rebirth, and/or renewal this month and take notice to what you feel, see, and hear. We'll be right there with you experiencing the world and renewing our essence.


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