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A Mind of Business, Harry Black


Our second feature is of a man that has been on a journey worth sharing. Highlighting people of our community like this continues to help build one another up. The inspiration behind our spring collection also inspired this task. Without further delay:

Meet Harry Black, former City Financial Manager of Cincinnati.

A native of Baltimore, MD, Mr. Black immersed himself into the well-being of Cincinnati’s people. He has played the roll of a city financial manager numerous times and continues to do so, improving the community and implementing change where necessary. He believes in the strength of community and that each person can make an impact via any type of contribution to society.

Respect and tenacity have been central to Mr. Black’s success. He was motivated by his upbringing to do the most he could for others. All the while crafting a fine mind for business and community, he has looked to find justice and equality for all. He continues to contribute to the communities he belongs to, such as his college/university community as well as larger communities in which he serves.

Mr. Black is a man of precision and focus. Kind, knowledgeable, and a problem-solver looking to make an impact on everyone he comes into contact with. As soon as we met with him, we could tell he had everyone’s best interest in mind. Greeted with a huge smile and introspective hint behind his eyes, we felt welcome and immediately supported. Find out what he had to say when we asked him a few questions.


AC: What does style mean to you?

HB: Style to me is a state of mind and an attitude.

AC: How would you describe your style?

HB: My style is modern classic. It is inspired by former President John F. Kennedy and the Rat Pack.

AC: How have your experiences shaped you as a person?

HB: We are the sum of all of our experiences. My experiences growing up in a big gritty city environment has made me focused, disciplined, and determined to make something of my life.

AC: What has been your driving force that got you where you are today?

HB: The fear of failure has been my primary driving force.

AC: Where do you thrive most?

HB: I thrive in environments that expect and thrive on innovation and problem solving.

AC: What’s the best advice you ever received?

HB: Be your own counsel.

AC: What inspires you?

HB: Problem solving and being a part of innovation.

AC: What impact do you hope to make?

HB: I want to change the world one person and one experience at a time.


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