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3 Smooth Tips to Get Your Fall Transitional Style Right | Mens Early Fall Style Guide 2020

Here we are, on the cusp of Fall but also still stuck in the trail ends of summer. It’s that time when the morning chill bites at your nose and the afternoon sun glues you to your car seat. That’s what we call transition season, folks. 

While we’re dealing with the bipolar

weather, we also have to get our early layers in check and make sure our style stays personal and on point until we can comfortably escape into all the full fall layers for the season. 

So, here are 3 tips to smoothly slide into early fall fashion while keeping your transitional style right:

  1. Focus on lighter layers. Clearly it’s too early for parkas and down jackets (although Colorado saw some snow and people were prepared), but you do want to make sure you’re covered. Thinner layers are the answer to your early fall style transition clothing. Think of lighter jackets in versatile colors like neutrals, navy, grey and greens that will pair easily with whatever you’re planning to wear for the whole day. Bomber and Mechanics/Field jackets are perfect for this right now. Jacket, thin crewneck sweater, collared shirt and trousers and you are good. Lose the jacket when it starts to warm up. Choosing a jacket in a unique color can add a little bit of flair to those outfits. Think of it as a little personal pumpkin spice to your style if you’re looking to shake up that transitional style.  Pro tip: Keep a jacket in your car or with you wherever you are for quick access and adjustment to the changing temps. That’s successful transitional dressing. 

  2. It’s a good time to also make sure you’re stocked up on mid layers too. Jackets are one thing, but having a few lightweight or knit sweaters with some slightly thicker pants (like twill or cotton chinos) is great for the weather right now.  These give you the opportunity to build your base layers as we continue to transition to fall and wear on their own when you’re not feeling the jacket. Great options include thin cotton knit sweaters, overshirts, twill chinos (my new favorites) and even thinner wool dress pants.

  3. Lastly, just because the calendar said we’ve transitioned out of summer, doesn’t mean you have to completely leave the color and all the pieces behind. Some of those summer pieces work as great base layering options for your transitional style. I am wearing the Am.A-Line Sprout which brings in the lighter neutral tones and cotton knit and pairing it with some of the fall light layers we just talked about.

It’s a great time to test out some different color combinations and bring a little summer inspiration into early fall while it’s not too cold.

A cool guy leaning against a barred fence about to grab his glasses, wearing an olive green cargo jacket, layered over top a burgandy Hawaii print open shirt over a sand colored Henley shirt.

In fact, challenge yourself to not burrow back into dark colors for the Fall/Winter season. Allow yourself to keep some of those brighter colors at the front of your closet.

Transitional style can be tricky, but if you focus on comfort, functionality, the layers we talked about and a little fun, you’ll be crushing your fall transitional style. 

~ David K.

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