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The Team

Get to Know Us

Ayana M. Ames

Founder & Creative Director

Designing has been second nature for Ayana since a little girl. Driven by science, Ayana chose fashion design as a career and lifestyle. A Virginia native, she attended The University of Alabama, where she found her love for menswear. Menswear created a challenge for Ayana, as she saw the lack of changes in style from the 1800’s. Her passion for bringing a change to the market began here. Though more styles are making their way into the market, her passion has not subsided, but is evermore fueled to create clothing that speaks to the essence of a person.                                                     

Am.A-line Collections became her dream-child in 2013, turned reality. After participating in Birmingham Fashion Week, Ayana was spurred to further develop the line. To grasp a better understanding of her market, she: planned her own fashion show in 2014, volunteered for Fashion Week San Diego (2015), and began offering custom design services to men and women.

Jessica Cryder

Public Relations Director

Marketing and networking comes naturally for Jessica. With a background in technology and international relations, she flourishes in many social circles. A native of Panama, Jessica has always had a natural eye for fashion and color. Understanding the ease and saturation of the women’s market, she also sought a challenge and change in the men’s market.                                                                                                                                                                            Men’s clothing has been a calling for Jessica since 2006. Jessica’s interest in personalizing a man’s fashion journey was based on major milestones they have achieved in their life. This inspired her to create “Curated by Jess” in 2016. Upon combining her love for entrepreneurship and fashion she joined Ayana at Am.A-line Collections.

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