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Celebrating the Father-Figure on Father's Day

Father's Day is right around the corner. Instead of going about it the usual way and suggesting a few gift ideas, we're going to celebrate the dads and father-figures out there.

A boy sits in front of the river stacking rocks as a man watches bending forward as if in discussion.
Courtesy of Mael Balland on Unsplash

Whether you were raised or influenced by the men in your life, they have all impacted us one way or another. These men can range from our dads, granddads, uncles, brothers, cousins, friends, and so forth. If they influenced you in any way, they deserve to be celebrated as well. Not everyone has the ability to be a father biologically, but everyone has the capability to be a father-figure or man of influence in a person's upbringing.

Personally, the men around me have helped shape me into who I am today as much as the women in my life. I'm sure many others can say the same thing. Although, I know there are others who may not have the same experiences or opportunities to have that relationship. But that's why we're here to celebrate the things and the ones that did impact us.

They've taught us:

  • how to work on a car

  • how to cut the grass

  • how to do business and negotiate

  • showing kindness in place of hardness

  • rigid strength

  • resilience

  • persistence

  • that change is okay

  • to conquer fears

  • to fix things

  • understanding how to be trustworthy and loyal

  • a sense of morals and integrity

  • a sense of humor

  • ...and so much more!

A dad is holding a baby on his shoulders while both laugh.
Courtesy of Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

In essence, Father's Day is for sharing our appreciation to the ones who have done so much for us with a "fatherly" touch. For the ones who have taught us how to do things in a number of ways. For those that have challenged us with the thought-provoking questions and to question the status quo. For those that have supported us through the ups and downs with words of comfort and strength. For the games, walks, barbeques, piggy-back rides, road trips, and all of the events and parks they've taken us to.

Here's to the men that have influenced us and cared for us. Cheers!

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