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A man with a beard sitting in a chair wearing a white button up shirt, accented with an olive green collar, button placket, and sleeve hems over top of a deep Caribbean blue pair of shorts. The right hand laying slightly on his thigh, while his left arm hangs over the back of the chair.
A man standing, staring off into the distance towards the left of the screen. He's wearing a gray three-quarter sleeve button-up shirt that has contrasting black French cuffs. The shirt is open to until the fourth button to show off the large green and copper pendant dangling from his neck.  He has on a pair of high waisted black pants, closed by two bright apple green belts and metal closures. He has a cream cardigan hanging over his left shoulder (the right to the viewer), also showing off a copper. stone beaded and braided bracelet, while his right hand (left for the viewer) gently sits on his hip and upper thigh.
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