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Am.A-line Collections launched at the end of 2019 with our first collection. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we understand the hectic lifestyle most men manage every day. We've paid special attention to the balance everyone wants and launched our line, offering a solution that works fulfills their needs and desires.


We are inspired by the human condition and our collective experiences, and aim to share those experiences through our clothing. All of us experience blissful highs, as well as tragic lows. At Am.A-line Collections, we highly value community. Through sharing the stories and experiences we have as a community, we believe we can help one another grow and build an even stronger community. 

Whether you're looking for classic or resort styles, you'll be sure to find it here. All of our styles offer a subtle, innovative detail cusping the edge of daring. Inspired by classic silhouettes, we offer comfort with a twist. Our garments are designed with quality, effortless style, eco-conscious aspects, and longevity in mind using fabrics from 100% cotton to sustainable blends.

By providing clothing that speaks to our souls, we envision a world of confident, purposefully dressed, bold, vocal, and comfortable individuals.

A Season of Transition

Currently in a season of transition, we are working to make our brand more sustainable and circular through design. By designing with not only natural fibers, but designing for longevity with durability, we can ensure that our products lifecycle will continue. We will soon be expanding our services to fit our new model that will evolve as your clothing evolves. From repair services to a take-back service, we'll have more options soon. 

In our first phase, we're offering a rental subscription and redesigning (remanufacturing) some of our older styles into something new. Be on the lookout for the product drop!

Publications & Podcasts

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