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Values...What Do They Mean

Values…Ideals….The Root

We thought we’d talk about values and ideals for our last chronicle of the month. This way, you’ll get to know more about our brand as well as what we hope to achieve. We ask that you continue to follow our journey and grow with us.


It begins with a thought…

A philosophy was shared with our founder that a business should operate and function as a person does. It has all the complexities and needs that an individual does, as well as its own personality. If you neglect a person, any form of relationship will dissipate and fail; and this can easily be applied to business. So Ayana has implemented this philosophy as best as she can; also, as an extension of herself. With this setting the base for Am.A-line Collections, our values and ideals grew, as well as the impact we yearn to make. But with any impact, it takes small steps with a lot of patience before you can take giant leaps.

Our first steps began by digging deeper into the company’s mission and philosophy. Originally, the mission was about aiding customers to accentuate their features, not just their physical features, but their personality. Even that evolved to become more about one’s essence or existence. Tying in Yves St. Laurent’s quote of what is important when wearing clothes being the person in them, we took it a step further by including an existential aspect to it. The question we began to pose was, which reveals itself first, the clothes or your personality, existence or essence. This gave Ayana the idea to coin “flexistential”, in that the clothing she designs she wants them to have a flexibility to them for the wearer.

Diving even deeper into the thought of essence v. existence, it became very clear to our designer/creative director that all of her inspiration has been twofold. Each inspiration having something relatable on the surface, but comes to life once deeper connotations have been revealed. In having this realization, she understood that the continuing theme of any inspiration is the human condition.

A desert landscape with a rock formation arching on the hill with the sun behind it.

The words alone may sound disturbing or depressing, but wait until we dive deeper into it with you. You can change condition to experience. What our mission has become is to share the human condition/experience through clothing. We all have various experiences in our lives, whether they be positive or negative no matter our economic or social status. We all face tragedy and we all experience triumph in one way or another. Our mission is to share these experiences with you all, as we should all share them with one another. We are here to help one another rise up; to build a community that thrives under difficult times such as these.

It may seem odd. A brand strongly engaged in the community and creating meaningful relationships is hardly heard of. There are some brands and businesses out there like us, in respect to making an impact in the community and world, but probably not as many as there should be. That’s why we feel it’s our due diligence to connect with other industry professionals, businesses, and individuals within, not only our city, but around the world.


To Be Continued…

We’ll be sharing more of our values and ideals with you all again. It was important for us to first give a brief history of the evolution of our mission to your attention. Let us know where we should go next in our topics of discussion for our future YouTube channel and podcast below in the comments.

Until next time, take care, be kind, and share your light with the world!


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